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DMX + prommer instead of the sp
dynacord add one.
Atari 1040ST and Cubase 3.1
Roland & Other Rack Mount Samplers (S-330)
Sequential Circuits Studio 440 parts!!!
Sequential Prophet 2000/2002
Music Placements
Korg DSM-1?
Gentlemen, This is the future...
Sawed-off Juno
Forat $$$ From Europe
Can any of you guys lend me $3,000,000?
Sample Convertor Software
A little unusual
MPC 5000
Absolutely Sick. I want one...
SP 404 Midi In to SP 1200 Midi Out?
Roland S-330
Korg DSS-1
Korg ms2000
memory for old samplers
Roland W30
aight fellas..
casio fz10-m
Yamaha Samplers
hard to find
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