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Sp1200 new display
ssm chips to be reissued
SP-1200 replica overlay closeout sale - 50% off!
Hot Swapping EMU SP1200 HxC Floppy Drive Emulator
Mix Out - live current.. No sound
SP1200 sound problem
Silent Pad Problem
Sp12 - power supply buzz?
SP-12 Turbo MIDI Sample Transfer!? 11-39 Disk Mode
Sampling / STUCK VU METER?!?!
Looking for factory sound set ZD517 Techno Drums #2
SP12 Turbo, no sound anymore.
EMXP Download Link & Channel Volume Low
SP12 Turbo truncation problem
How much can you transpose down on an SP-12?
static sound
Weird display issue
Those damn trigger pads!
SP12 Turbo sampling noise!
LCD contrast adjust
SP1200 Drum Kits/Workflow
Anyone had this problem before?
Good news for (Windows) SP12 users
SP-12 Turbo Hot + Hum!
Tunig Samples stopped Working
8 out output 1 is bypassing the filter
noise like a loose connection and more
Difference between os 1.1 vs 1.2 for SP 1200
possible to save one sound from current 'kit' to disk?
flashing play button/ glitched sequence
NEW MEMBER..have a grey sp... the buttons have weak velocity
SP1200 rotary pots
Black SP 1200 does not boot on the software
Metronome always to fix?
Diagnostic Test walkthrough
sp1200 - no sound at all in ARM SAMPLING mode
sp book
Want to buy a SP1200
Assigning sound to mix out
Latharek floppy emulator -how do you transfer your old flopp
New Disk Drive?
Audio Bleed through on main out?
OBERHEIM Prommer Sampler
sp1200 (grey) display backlight
Emu SP-12 repair in Australia?
European fuse (1A) sp1200
SP12 turbo AA batteries
Double Tempo Sequencing Question and Clarification
7 an 8 channels
SP1200 strange bug?
Simultaneous 8 out/mix out MOD?
sp1200 wont enter diagnostic mode
Main out is quite
emu sp1200 outside case screw size
MIDI Sync question
E-mu / Ensoniq / Akai service in the UK / Europe
Drumfile for SP-12 resurrected!
snare tail n loop fonction
SP12 OLED display problem
replacing slider caps
SP-12 Turbo Display (help asap)
SP1200 with Lotharek floppy emulator
SP-12 and SP-1200 faceplate overlays coming soon!
SP1200 midi convertor....
UK-based SP1200 repair & maintenance
SP1200 tripping my fuse box RCD?
Super high frequency noise after sounds
Floppy disc problem/failure?
SP1200 won't boot. All LED's on and backlight on: *FIXED*
Recording a sequence with MIDI pitchkey mode
SP1200 Distortion--Is This Normal? (Audio example included)
SP1200 doesnt save the tuning..
How can i play basslines with a keyboard into the Sp?
SP1200 Problem
fried sp1200
Saving data to Floppy!
Grey SP1200 power pictures
Has anyone burned custom sound Eproms for SP-12?
DC offset; sample clicks / Need Debug EPROM SP-12 Turbo
SP1200 freezing
Wrong Pad Triggering
SP12 Turbo, Unknown Error Message (pic included)
grey 1200 vs. reissue
Click with kicks
Turntable with higher pitch control to sample into the SP?
Smoke coming out of the sp..
SP 1200: Main Mix Output seems dead?
SP1200/MPC2500 - tracking into LOGIC
My SP1200 won't boot up!?
Black Button be cracked?
HxC SD Card Reader and SP1200 Workflow Tips
I cannot truncate single hits short
My "Set-Up" Button just stopped working
Mix out vs 8 channel Snake
Humming: GREY SP 1200 after installing HxC SD Cardreader
Is Gotharman working on a reversed engineered SP1200.?
new and quite happy.. but
SP12 Commodore 1541 emulator
Repair Spot on the east for my NYC people offline
SP-12 sound is distorted
Do you prefer 'sample is good' or 'sample overload' sampling
sequencing an external synth
Can't get to the Segment section in my SP1200
emulator archive.
ssm2044 filter oscillator jumpers.
Terrible hum + solution
Loud click on samples glitch
Dat SP Swing
Changing the pots
Setting up a Default Sampling Time Duration for Slots/Pads?
SP-12 2.6 firmware eeproms needed
SP-12 calibration problems
increase the 240 bpm limitation?
What mixer are you using?
Touch up paint for black sp1200
How long did it take for your Lotharek drive to arrive?
SP12 mixout distortion
SP12 problem when switching on
# of tuning settings in SP-12 vs SP-1200
I need help troubleshooting my SP-12!
WANTED: SP-12 faceplate/overlay/or case
1 slider controls all when adjusting volume etc.
Slider problems
Is it possible to make an SP-12 into an SP-1200?
Deal or No Deal?
Much Cooler Now
SP Style Flip?
Sp 12 reset & volume issues
need binary files for os2.6
DISTORTION when sampling kicks and samples with low frequenc
always metronome in
SONG MODE : Deleting a Song from a song list ?
Trim DAC on sp12
sample input meter messing with my RT1 trim
High pitch noise glitch/possible solution..
SP1200 PCB Photo
my 1200 freezes when step program is engaged
SP1200 maintenance in Paris
Some Advice About Sending Outputs To Mixer
Channel 1 and 5 not playing on mix out
Best Sounds to Sample ... My Method
Stiff Scratchy Faders
constant "Sample In" Saturation when sampling
Did my disk drive break?
Forat is the best!!!!!
Decay/Tune won't get saved on the black buttons. Why???
SP1200 Problem with saving & deleting sounds
Early Madlib Beats (SP-1200) Madlib Medicine Show #5 History
SP-12 Turbo default sounds just buzzing tones
Multipitch Doesn't Work When SP is in MIDI Mode
SP12 operating system
Beeping Sound on Input (SP-12)
Samples start out fine then become glitchy & distorted H
To the germans - search OS disk
real difference between the sound of the sp1200 & sp12?
Truncate Issues
F.S Numark NS6 4 Channel Mixer Controller..$600
SP-1200 Black Edition (3rd) Sample-In Not working
Help!!! sorry if I post this in wrong place
How do u guys sequence your Sp1200 ... ?
Syncing Cubase (6) to an SP-12(00)
SP-1200 Samples becoming corrupt when sampling new sounds
Kind of crosstalk.
Original SP-12 Floppy disks
Replacement battery
SP switches to decay when in song mode
Dropped (no sound) Channel 1 on the SP-12
sp12 diagnostics eprom
sp1200 price for broken unit
SP sample library on ebay $762 & rising ...
format/saving error
Kenny parker rockin the SP live on stage ..
[TECH HELP] SP12-Turbo 1st PAD issue during session
SP-12 Power Supply Repair / Replacement
Replacing the floppy drive - the screws are too tight
Does anyone here use dsp-quattro with the sp-1200?
SP1200 Book Feedback/Corrections
Limited Edition copy of THE SP1200 BOOK on EBAY!! Dont sleep
SP12 Turbo: Backlight or No Backlight?
Deleting bars
sd card for sp1200
SP1200 Book
SP-1200 unknown reason, doesn't bootup. PLS HELP SP1200 just started making this tone...
Black Pads on DRUMULATOR vs SP1200 : the same ?
anyone have Drum File Software 1.12?????
Syncing issues with Logic...HELP
Sample Input stops working (SP1200 Old Grey Issue)
SP12 OS2.6 on eproms available + sounds
testimonials for the SP book
Trying to sample from Live to an SP-1200...faking a 45.
If you had the choice between grey SP1200 and 98' SP1200 ?
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