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What is the RT11 trim?
How to obtain that "bitcrush'd" sound on sp12?
Common SP Triggering Problem
Searching advice for sp 1200
Horrible noise
New Jack Question about SP 1200 MIDI
MIDI Chart
sp1200 tutorial dvd
Sync SP1200 to Ensoniq EPS Question
Roland jp 8080
Just bought Sp1200 with Hxc! Questions please
Metronome noise
Layering Samples
no way to 'set' decay other than global decay?
loving the work flow
HXC Floppy Emulator or New Floppy Drive
midi sp 1200 to emu emax
Can we talk HOUSE? Especially Garage
SP1200 Swing & Quantize Question
slice samples
new member need help
SP1200, possible to change recorded velocity of single note?
ASR-10 Slaved to SP1200 Issues
SP1200 - Sampling Problem - Cuts all low end
sp-12 turbo problems
S950 w SP1200 Samples getting cut off
Arm sampling problem
Work flow question
What multi track recorder do I need
Read The Manual, throw the manual at the wall, Repeat
Hardcore New Jack Questions (SP12 Turbo related)
mixer advice
SP1200 Tutorial videos
Tracking out/sync to DAW
Couple of Q's
sp1200 dimensions?
drum pad velocity
How do you extend the tail?
How do you change pitch to sequenced sounds?
Sample Library
Sp 1200 Output routing ?
SP to S1100 Midi out Buzz/Hum noise
one more newbie question
Tips on Chopping
Sp1200 note release/one shot
Unexpectedly sudden SP-1200 owner, with questions.
Sp 1200, Akai s950 midi question
moving my SP turns filters off?
2 questions...
s950+sp1200+mpc60 combo? possible?
SP1200 Individual Samples Decay + Tune possible?
Metronome doesnt work! Sample input Doesnt work!
SP-1200 / Akai S900 / Akai MG 614
Are outputs mono or stereo?
Howto silence/m SP12 Turbo ROM sound triggering AKAI S950 ?
A good place for a power cable.
How do you open the SP1200
Got my SP1200 ... Few problems and need advice.
Midi up the SP to Ableton
Diagnostic tests for 1200..?
Akai S950 ONE SHOT playback mode Question?
what is needed?
Ok, about sampling/samples on an sp1200(need some guidance!)
Saving Sequences/samples tune settings
SP1200 Buying question
Problem with the input on my sp1200
Advice with cleaning my faders
Setting Power-On Defaults For Channel Assign / Dynamic Pads
Disk Hole Punchers
Where do you guys buy new disks from? Anyone selling 1541?
Help Me Understand Polyphony on the SP-12
Just Bought An SP-12; Reading Up Before It Arrives
Way to Backup SP1200 Floppies to Disk Images on PC/MAC?
sp12 os
S900 Question
I'm looking for LCD for emu sp 1200
Digital multitrackers - ZOOM MRS802
SP12 and Drumulator sync
noise made by the tension
im sure thers an anwser to this Q
S950 and SP12
sp1200 original drums samples
USB port on my SP1200?
SP12+EMAX, Please help (newbie Q)
Emax rack & MPC2Kxl midi
Help - Using US spec SP12 in UK?
filtering, voice overlap
Some SP12 Turbo Questions
Chopping Samples on the 1200
Sample time woes!
Define A Mix
8 Outs Vs Aux Out???
How do I record into My SP1200 w/My MacBook Pro?
Making Sequences
2.5 sec per sample..
a couple of questions from a New Jack
SP12 and MPC60
"note-repeat" ?
Sequencer wont plaback exactly the way I played it, why?
How do I hook up the SP 1200 to run as slave to my Logic 8?
Rookie Midi (keyboard) help
In search of synth inventor school...
S950 audio connect issue....
Sampling into mono in SP-12?
Sample monitoring distortion SP1200
Sampling SP1200
What to look out for when purchasing an SP1200?
Saving BPM?
Hooking up the sp12...
SP1200 print on the back
mpc2000 VS mpc3000 (with sp12T)
probly a stupid Q about samples and outputs on the sp-12
sp/s950 vs mpc3000 vs mpc2000
O.S woes
Akai S950 VS. Roland Dr Sample Boss SP-303
SP 1200 / Computer / Sound Card ?
akai s950 maxed?
problem sampling into my sp12
Sp12 how do you guys save ur beats?
Count in ?
Were Is a good place to get sp1200 disks
recording from the SP
R u tracking 8 outs or stereo outs?
60 AND 950
s950 cutoff sample
combo s950 and sp12 .what can do?
No data transfered
Sampling into the MPC60 w/ O.S. 3.10
SP connected directly to speakers
mixer for 8 outs
250 bucks
Sample Bank Question
Technics SL 1200 & Akai S 950
mpc 2000xl vs. mpc 60
4track question
i just copped my first SP-12...
SP1200/12 and S950/900 midi tutorial
a new jack need some advice...
thinking of getting an sp 1200...what about dd disks
Im a new jack, with a new jack question
sample kings dvd vs. manual
O.S. Disk
Ohh shit can someone help me!!
MPC 60 or SP1200
Double Density Disks?
(HARDLY USED) sp1200 or (BRAND NEW) MPC 1000
Triggering S Series Samplers from the SP 1200
Ahh D or SOMEBODY !!! What's up with this !?!
Stupid Question sorry but I don't know.
newbie needs a bit of assistance.
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